Vincent's Corner is taking a few weeks off, I hope you are too. In this edition, I am sharing a selection of the books I read and that had a lasting impact on me.
The ECB raised its key interest rate to 0%. The market is now pricing a full-blown recession at the end of the year and interest rate cuts in Q1 2023…
The US Dollar parabolic rise, farmers revolting across Europe, and economies of emerging markets collapsing. An explosive combination.
Governments took for granted the presence of cheap energy, but 10 years of ESG-driven underinvestment in large energy infrastructure and the war Ukraine…
Looking past at previous cycles, the Fed will soon have no choice but to reverse course. When will the money printing resume? That is the question.
The US Federal Reserve is slamming the brakes on the economy to tame inflation, even if it comes at the cost of a recession
In this nasty bear market, you have to focus on one thing: Survival
Inflation remains stubbornly high in the US and the rest of the world, which means the Fed won't have any other choice but to continue to inflict pain…
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